Akkarfjord – The village

Eidegården is located 1,5 km from the center of Akkarfjord, a small fishing village on the northeast end of Sørøya, with port calls from Hammerfest, post office, school, nursery, shop and 3 Mongolian camels. A fish processing plant has been operating in the village for over 100 years. They buy fish from local fishermen and produces amazing short-traveled food products. Others in the village are reindeer owners, cheep farmers and some are engaged in tourism. On January 1, 2017, 77 people lived in the Akkarfjord Circuit. A vibrant community.


To the south a mountainous area with Rossefjell (322 meters above sea level) and a plateau of fishing water, including Linjevann (216 meters above sea level). From the plateau, which consists of high mountain vegetation without forest, Finnelva flows down to the sea in the birch-clad Finnelv valley. The property continues along the eastern side of the Finnelva and divides the Borvik plateau, the easternmost part of the property which extends into the sound towards Hammerfest.


After owning the property for 8 years, making various improvements to the buildings and having approved a zoning plan for further development, we now look for potential buyers who can take over the property and develop the area further.

The property is owned by Eidegården AS, a company established solely for the purpose of managing this property.

The project also includes the following plans:

  • Marina
  • Combined service center / restaurant
  • Glass Lavvo
  • Boathouses
  • Parking


Of the total area of 6,400 acres, 60-70 acres constitute productive area with grass production. The beach zone comprises a total of about 1,000 acres, including the east-west sand belt. (see map). The rest are pastures, mountain areas, valleys, streams and lakes. In the valley towards the big beach is also an area of gravel, which the locals need at regular intervals.


Finnmark: Sørøya, Akkarfjord
Hammerfest Municipality
Area: Eidegården

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