Eidegarden is located 2 km from the active parish Akkarfjord, north on Sørøya. Akkarfjord has about 80 residents, shop, fish factory, school and express boat quay. The village is the starting point for a country known hiking destinations north on the South Island; “Kjøttvikvarden”. Here the Norwegian Tourist Association has a cabin, and a 90 kilometer hiking trail has been made along the entire island.

The property, in all 6,4 km2, contains; Western Finnmark longest and finest sandy beach; Storsanden (The Large sand), about 1. km shoreline. A total of approximately 3.5 km beach/coastline on the whole property.


Furthermore; mountains, valleys, lakes and hunting areas. 


Excellent opportunities for both marine and freshwater fishing in the area; ; cod, halibut, trout . Snowmobile tracks and hiking routes starts from the farm; miles and miles in the wilderness, lengthwise the big Sørøya (South island), Norways 4th largest.


Sørøya in Finnmark is known as "Big fish land". Here are some of the best fishing spots for those who are interested in huge fish, be it cod, halibut, catfish and pollock. In several of the many fresh waters of Norways 4th largest island, one can catch trout weighing several kilos.


Wildlife; hiking and fishing tourism, where focus will be directed towards genuine and authentic experiences, often in small communities, has increased significantly over the last 10-15 years. Experience-tourism  is rapidly entering the travel industry, as a counterweight to mass tourism.





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